Washington, D.C. – Noah Van Osterlitz

Noah Van Osterlitz




Saratoga Springs, New York
George Washington University

Noah Van Osterlitz is a junior at The George Washington University studying political science and political communications, with the option to pursue a Master’s degree in political management at the end of his undergraduate career. This past fall, Noah served as a visiting undergraduate scholar at Oxford University’s Pembroke College. He is originally from Saratoga Springs, New York. On-campus, he serves as a student conduct advocate, seeking to provide nonlegal assistance to students charged with code of conduct violations, and as a member of Beta Theta Pi’s risk committee. In his free time, Noah enjoys watching Manchester United, among other sports. Noah aspires to attend law school, practice law, and provide counsel for political officials in various policy areas. Noah is ecstatic and grateful for the opportunity to represent the District of Columbia at the 2022 College Student Congress.