Washington – Brooke Hansen

Brooke Hansen




Benton City, Washington
University of Alaska - Anchorage

Brooke Hansen is a junior in Political Science with a minor in History at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Brooke serves as the Vice President of the student government organization, the Union of Students of the University of Alaska Anchorage (U.S.U.A.A.). During the summer, Brooke worked as a legal assistant at Anderson Law, a personal injury law firm. There, she dealt primarily with litigation and arbitration preparing legal documents. This built upon her experience as an intern the Benton County Prosecutor’s Office in Kennewick, WA. Brooke gained first-hand political experience interning in the Washington, D.C. office of Congressman Earl Blumenauer of Oregon’s 3rd District. Brooke aspires to attend law school and study Constitutional Law, ideally mixing her passion for politics and the legal profession. Beyond her academic career, Brooke enjoys long distance running, backpacking, and cycling with her husband.