Vermont – Camille Jackson

Camille Jackson




Sydney, Australia
Castleton University

Camille Jackson is a junior at Castleton University pursuing a double major in Political Science and Environmental Studies. She relocated to Vermont from Sydney, Australia to race for Castleton’s alpine ski team. As a child of European immigrants, her perspective naturally compliments an international understanding of American domestic policy. During her time at Castleton, she has been awarded the Pei-Heng Chiang Political Science Scholarship and the History, Geography, Economics, and Political Science Presidential Scholarship in addition to being recognised as an Outstanding Political Science Scholar. Further, Camille is a reporter for Castleton’s Spartan Newspaper and a pretty average member of Castleton’s tennis team. During the 2023 College Student Congress, Camille hopes to understand the fundamentals of drafting and developing policy that translates effectively into healthier communities.