New Mexico – Devon Harrison

Devon Harrison




Las Cruces, New Mexico
New Mexico State University

Devon Harrison is an undergraduate from New Mexico State University who is double majoring in ‘Government’ and ‘Justice, Political Philosophy, and Law (JPPL)’ with a supplementary major in ‘Law and Society’. He has always been interested in the legal field, having completed three internships at the Third Judicial District Court House and the Las Cruces, NM, Public Defender’s Office. He is originally from the small-town of Artesia, NM, but has moved all around the south-eastern portion of the state while growing up. His goals are to attend law school and work as a lawyer while co-teaching law-related electives such as mock trial before running for a judge position, all while writing part-time as an author of creative and academic literature; however, ultimately, he hopes to be appointed to a U.S. Supreme Court position or run for state or national office.