Maine – Jay Philbrick

Jay Philbrick




North Yarmouth, Maine
Brown University
Jay is passionate about evidence-based policy to promote economic opportunity. He studies economics, applied mathematics, and computer science at Brown University. Growing up in rural Maine, Jay saw firsthand the life changing impacts of public investment. Inspired by this, he has interned in the White House, the U.S. State Department, and in Maine’s Governor’s Office, helping save Americans nearly $4 billion and guide $1 billion in investments in broadband and workforce development. Jay has also completed research at Yale Law School, the Federal Reserve, and Brown University. He stays involved politically, serving on his county and state Democratic committees, and as a presidential elector in 2020. He intends to pursue graduate school in law and economics to analyze and implement evidence-based policy. In his free time, Jay enjoys trivia, running, and traveling with friends and family.