Nevada – Kira Kramer

Kira Kramer




Las Vegas, Nevada
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Kira Kramer is a Junior at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), studying Public Health with a Minor in Spanish. While on campus, Kira is a staff writer and editor for her university’s Undergraduate Law Review. As president of the UNLV community garden club, Rebel Roots, Kira incorporates public health research and best practices into her education of students about how important community gardens are in fostering nutrition, reducing food insecurity, and encouraging sustainable agriculture. In work with the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine, Kira has been an advocate for environmental justice and equitable, affordable access to healthcare and reform that not only benefits patients but promotes collaboration between public health professionals and the medical community. She hopes to attend law school to pursue a program in health law. In her free time, she enjoys French patisserie baking, cooking, gardening, and exploring the natural environment of the Nevada desert landscape. Kira is honored and excited to represent Nevada and collaborate with other peers at the 2024 College Student Congress.