Maryland – Sina Nemazi

Sina Nemazi




Bethesda, Maryland
Georgetown University

Sina Nemazi is from Bethesda, Maryland and a junior at Georgetown University studying International Politics and Economics. Sina is very passionate about politics and strives to seek a life of public service in order to serve others. He has served on various campaigns at the state and federal level and has interned for House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Congressman Jamie Raskin. This June, Sina will serve as an Honors Intern for the FBI under the Counterterrorism Division. As an aspiring law student, Sina wants to focus on intelligence and law and hopefully become a prosecutor. Sina aspires to run for public office as a public servant and emphasize the importance of bipartisanship. As a moderate Democrat, Sina believes that both parties need to put aside their partisan differences and reach across the aisle in order to benefit the country as a whole. Politics should be positive sum, and we are Americans before we are Democrats or Republicans.