Michigan – Zachary Crawford

Zachary Crawford




West Bloomfield, Michigan
Michigan State University
Zachary Crawford is a third-year student studying Public Policy with a minor in Cities: Environment, Design, and Society at Michigan State University (MSU). Zach is involved in various organizations around MSU, including the Associated Students of Michigan State University Junior Class Council and the International Relations Organization. He is also a student supervisor for MSU Tours.
Additionally, Zachary was selected to be a part of the Michigan Government Semester Program (MGSP), a rigorous program involving an internship, professional development, and in-depth seminars about state government. He interned with the Executive Office of Governor Gretchen Whitmer in conjunction with the MGSP.
Zach aspires to one day run for office and improve US cities by pushing for infrastructure investment, supporting America’s working-class by funding job training opportunities, and developing a comprehensive plan to combat climate change.