Arizona – Anusha Natarajan

Anusha Natarajan




Gilbert, Arizona
Arizona State University

Anusha Natarajan is a junior at Arizona State University, studying sociology, history, and political science with a minor in Spanish and certificates in political economy and international studies. She is currently serving as the civic-engagement coalition chair and an Andrew Goodman fellow at her university, advancing voter education. Passionate for culture and education, Anusha helped create an educational non-profit called Culture Talk, which provides resources for teachers and schools to use to diversify their curriculum in social studies. In the future, Anusha wants to earn a PhD to study and research the political and economic factors that hinder country’s development and transition to democracy. She is specifically looking at how countries have treated their minority populations in ensuring that their voices are heard and represented. In her free time, Anusha likes to play piano, spend time outdoors, and read.