Nebraska – Kaden Robison

Kaden Robison




Lincoln, Nebraska
University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Kaden Robison is a junior studying political science, pre-law, and public policy at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Kaden is originally from Omaha, Nebraska before moving to Lincoln for school. At UNL, Kaden is involved in student aid programs and intramurals. Kaden has spent the majority of his college career working around the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature with a government relations and law firm. Kaden ultimately intends to attend law school but plans to return to the local government arena following completion. Beyond school and the legislature, Kaden enjoys watching and playing sports, congregating with friends and family, and fixing just about anything he can get his hands on. Kaden is both honored and extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a member of the 2023 College Student Congress.