Florida – Lauren Lassiter

Lauren Lassiter




Auburndale, Florida
Florida Southern College

Lauren Lassiter is a junior at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida, where she is triple majoring in political science, history, and economics & finance. At Florida Southern, Lauren serves on the honors program executive board and is tasked with creating community service opportunities for students. She also serves as a third-year senator for the Student Government Association. Lauren’s passion is education, and she plans on pursuing a degree in education policy and administration in the future. She was blessed with the opportunity to learn from national leaders in civic education through an internship at the Justice Teaching Center for Civic Learning, a center dedicated to connecting judges and attorneys with classrooms to bridge the gap in civic knowledge. This summer, Lauren is excited to be interning at the Florida House on Capitol Hill. Lauren is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to represent Florida in the 2021 College Student Congress.