Colorado – Teddy Weiss

Teddy Weiss




Manitou Springs, Colorado
Colorado College

A wanderer to 40 countries, Theodore Weiss, has been educated in Colorado, Switzerland, and France, and held internships in both Uganda and Serbia. As a Research Analyst in Belgrade at the Centre for Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS), he helped combat authoritarians around the world, working for Srdja Popovic, the number one global activist in the world. He is currently an elected board member to international non-profit Build A Movement (BAM), which helps grassroots activists build skills for strategic nonviolence, movement building, and digital security. At Colorado College, you’ll find him running city council races, organizing on-campus, sitting on committees, being a witness on his Mock Trial team, working out, meditating, or reading one of his three weekly books. Amorous to everything Colorado, his dream job would be serving as Governor or Attorney General to the Centennial State.